Our year in review – 2021.

Our top blog posts, top templates, and other small wins

24 Dec 21

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2021 was a year that gave us everything, but through all of it, we were still here, and we hope that we were able to offer you some support throughout the many challenges we faced.

So as a recap, here are our top stories and events from the year.

Top 5 Blog Posts

Below are our top 5 blog posts for the year:

1 – Internal Audit Walkthroughs

We discussed why you should be performing walkthroughs during the planning phase of an audit, and why process maps should be developed following each walkthrough. Specifically, our post focuses on; What is an audit walkthrough, How we document evidence of our walkthrough, What we should assess through our walkthrough, and How our walkthroughs and process maps feed into our audit scope, objectives and test plan.

You can view the full post here.

2 – Internal Audit Report Ratings

Report writing and ratings is never a fun task. In this blog post, we discuss the many challenges in report writing and work through questions such as: What exactly are we rating, What behaviours are we trying to drive, and What are the types of ratings we can apply?

We also discuss the pro’s and con’s of each different rating scale which can be used in reports.

You can view the full post here.

3 – Risk in Focus 2022

Each year the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) releases the Risk in Focus report. The report compiles the results of interviews with 50 Chief Audit Executives (CAE)’s from across 13 European countries. Furthermore, it draws upon the responses from the 738 survey’s which the institute received. In a nutshell, the report has some solid contributors, meaning, if its ranked in the top 10 areas which is concerning other CAE’s, chances are you should be thinking about it too.

You can view the full post here.

4 – Internal Audit Awareness Month

Each year, we get so excited about Internal Audit Awareness Month. To help celebrate, we pull together a range of tools and resources which you ca spread across your business to raise awareness of Internal Audit.

Although its no longer the IA Awareness Month, this post will still give you many great ideas you can implement at any time of the year.

You can view the full post here.

5 – Internal Audit Hot Topic Focus Areas 2021

Our Hot Topics and Focus Area blog post summarises the work of KPMG, Deloitte, IIA and Gartner on what they consider to be the Hot Topics for the coming year.

This post is a valuable resource for anyone preparing the annual plan for 2021 (or doing their mid year update). Whilst not all of these topics may be relevant to you, they may point you in the right direction.

You can view the full post here.

Top 5 Templates

Below are our top 5 templates for the year. To view the template, simply click on the icon below.

1 – Internal Audit Recommendation Action Tracking

2 – Process Level Risk Assessment

3 – Revenue and Billing Audit Work Program

4 – IT Key Controls

5 – Recruitment and Onboarding Audit Work Program

Other wins

Did you know, that for the past 17 months, we have been planting trees? Each month, we make a contribution to Ecologi who, in turn, plant trees in many reforestation projects around the world.

To date, we have currently planted 480 trees.

Despite being an online only business with no carbon footprint, we still consider it our responsibility to play our part in helping the environment. We have some plans next year to further our environmental contribution and hope you will join us on our journey.

To help contribute to our forest, please click here to make a donation. Any donation is greatly appreciated!

It has been another great (and busy) year, but we would like to thank everyone for their continued support this year, and look forward to helping us auditors even more next year!