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Risk in Focus 2022 - Hot topics for internal auditors

Topics you should be considering in your 2022 annual plan

The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors this month dropped their 'Risk in Focus 2020' report. The report compiles the results of interviews with 50 Chief Audit Executives (CAE)'s from across 13 European countries. Furthermore, it draws upon the responses from the 738 survey's which the institute received. In a nutshell, the report has some solid contributors, meaning, if its ranked in the top 10 areas which is concerning other CAE's, chances are you should be thinking about it too.

Now, I would be lying if I said I didn't get excited about this report every year. Firstly, it gives a guide as to how relevant or risk appropriate our plan is. Whilst not everything in the top 10 may not be applicable to your own business or clients, it's nonetheless a guide as to what we should be considering or focusing on. Secondly, its when everyone else starts to bring out their own audit priorities. Shortly, we should see each of the Big 4 drop their own equivalents, and this can be a great asset when conducting annual planning for next year.