Webinars to help with your continuous development.

Learn how you can practically map your internal audit processes to the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) / Internal Audit Standards.

Webinars and events from around the world.

We have trawled through a number of sites to collect a range of upcoming webinars and events which can help you as an internal auditor. The below list will be updated monthly.

Got an upcoming event or webinar?

We’re here to help share knowledge, tools, and guidance among auditors. If you think you have an upcoming event which may be of interest to auditors, please email us at hello@myauditspot.com.


Current Webinars.

Each month, a list of free webinars from various accounting and audit firms, industry groups, or training providers, is emailed to each of our members. You can also download the spreadsheet here.


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