LIVE WEBINAR: Risks and Annual Planning.

Earn CPE credits and learn about the top risk areas for 2021 and how these can be considered during annual…

23 May 21

My Audit Spot

2 mins

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Earn CPE credits and learn about the top risk areas for 2021 and how these can be considered during annual planning

My Audit Spot and TAPA Institute have teamed up again to bring you our second webinar for the year; ‘Risk and Annual Planning’.

About this webinar

This webinar has been designed to refresh audit teams about key focus / risk areas for 2021, and how we can consider risk more effectively in our annual planning approach.

Unlike previous webinars, this webinar will be conducted as a Zoom meeting, meaning participants will be able to join in the discussion. We have intentionally done this so attendees can help share ideas, ask questions, and challenge the status quo. As an added benefit, attendees will be able to network and meet other auditors from around the world.

Order of events

This webinar will cover the following areas:

Risk focus areas / audit hot topics for 2021

We will walk through risk focus areas and audit hot topics for 2021 as identified by the big 4 and industry groups. We will deep dive into some of these risk areas and have a detailed discussion about how this risk will be changing as the world begins to open back up and develop a new way of working as a result of COVID.

Annual Planning

We will walk through a model for Annual Planning used by My Audit Spot. Through this model, we will demonstrate a number of our tools and templates which we have available on our website. This approach will tell you how you can use external information, such as the risk focus areas and audit hot topics discussed previously, to help have better and more informed discussions with the business during annual planning.

Why attend this event?

Attendees will be encouraged to actively join in the discussions throughout this webinar. Our primary focus is to help auditors learn new ways of thinking, share opinions and improve through sharing knowledge.

CPE credits are available for this webinar.

Attendees to this event will also receive a discount to purchase the My Audit Spot Annual Planning template set.

Event details

This event will be held on Tuesday 15 June at 5pm GMT. Please check your local time zones. The event will cost £5 for non-members. My Audit Spot members will receive a 50% discount.

To register for this event, please click here. The webinar link will be emailed to you once you have registered.