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T0 – Internal Audit Training – Complete Set

£50.00 (Excluding VAT)


About this template

This set includes the three modules of Internal Audit Training

  • T1 – Introduction to Internal Audit
  • T2 – Annual Planning
  • T3 – Internal Audit


This is a great training pack for inducting new team members into your audit function. The T1 Module (Introduction to Internal Audit), explains fundamentals, such as what is Intenal Audit, Three Lines Module, the Internal Audit Standards and key documents such as the Internal Audit Manual.

The T2 Module focuses on the Annual Planning approach, and requires participants to pratically apply the annual planning methodology through a series of activities throughout.

Lastly, the T3 Module focuses on the Internal Audit process. Again, team members will learn the internal audit methodology and practically apply the process through a mock payroll processes audit, complete with a participant pack, mock data and sample evidence to help participants practically apply the audit skills they have learnt throughout the training.

Things to be careful about

Training through these modules is based on the annual planning and internal audit approach consistenyl referred to on this website. You should review and amend these training to suit your own audit function and audit approach.


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