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Internal Audit

D7 – Internal Audit Survey

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About this template

This template provides a simple set of questions for auditees to complete at the end of each audit. The simple question set and shortness of the form help encourage a good response rate as the survey will not take up a considerable amount of time. The questions, whilst simple, allow audit functions to track KPIs yet still receive any qualative information.

Why use this template

The template is simple, straight forward, and easy to understand and use. The layout of the survey means that answers can be easily copied into a spreadsheet ot help track the KPIs.

When to use this template

This template should be sent out alongside the final report email. The survey can be sent initiallywith the final report, with a follow up sent a week later.

Things to be careful about

These questions may not be applicable to your audit team or organisation. The questions should be adapted to ensure they are relevant to you and potentially your KPIs.

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