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B5 – Audit Team Planing Meeting

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About this template

Failure to appropriately plan an audit can lead to delays in reporting, a breakdown in the relationship between the audit team and the business, and a possible demise in the quality of the audit; just to name a few.

A planning team meeting should include all members of the audit function who will be involved in the review, from the Director down to the most junior members of the team to ensure everyone is on the same page from the outset.

This template acts as a catch all for all the previous workpapers completed by the auditor. Here, we present to Internal Audit management the key outcomes of the planning phase:

  • What we are going to review;
  • What we know already (i.e. team, risks, opportunities, etc);
  • How we are going to perform the review;
  • Where the review is going to be undertaken;
  • When the review is going to be performed; and
  • Who is going to be involved.


Through this top to bottom summary of the planning phase, we are able to gain managements input, ensuring our draft scoping document is ‘on point’ before being presented to the business area for sign off.


This template aims to ensure everyone within the audit team is on the same page, ultimately reducing the need for multiple reviews and iterations of the scoping document, thus saving time for the more critical fieldwork and reporting phases.

Why use this template

This template ensures all audit team members are on the same page prior to commencing the review.

When to use this template

This template should be used in the planning phase and should be completed by the auditor once they have performed all their background research and meetings with the business.

Things to be careful about

The dashboard is only an example of how to present a planning meeting. This may not always work for your team or your specific review. Tailor your approach as necessary.

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