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Annual Planning

AP7.2 – Internal Audit Plan – Word

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About this template

This Internal Audit Plan leverages largely off the Internal Audit Strategic Plan. Whilst this document shows only the current year audit plan, there is scope to include both the Strategic and Annual Audit Plans in the one document. This template aims to tell the story about how the plan was developed. Furthermore, the plan goes on to spell out why each of the audits are featured on the plan, what their driver was, and when it was last audited.


This template aims to present the plan in an engaging format whilst allowing for sufficient detail for the reader to review and make an assessment before agreeing to the plan.

Why use this template

This template leverages heavily off other templates used throughout the Annual Planning process. Furthermore, as it is built in Microsoft PowerPoint, users are able to more freely move items around to better suit the reader.

When to use this template

This template should be used when obtaining the support of management regarding the plan. Once initial support has been received, the template can be used for approval by the Audit Committee.

Things to be careful about

Each Audit Committee has their own way of working. Be sure to actively engage with the Audit Committee and Audit Chair prior to presenting the plan to ensure it aligns to their expectations and provides the detail which they will expect to see.

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