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Annual Planning

AP5.1 – Stakeholder Discussions Checklist

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About this template

The annual planning process involves multiple stakeholders from across the business. It is important that each stakeholder is given the opportunity to meet with Internal Audit to discuss risks and concerns which may be particular to them and their business area. As audit cannot have eyes and ears across an entire organisation, these conversations are important to ensuring we understand where the biggest risks lie and ensuring that the appropriate level of resource is dedicated to these areas.


This template provides a generic list of key stakeholders which should be considered as part of the annual planning process. Of course, this is not a complete list and this checklist should be tailed to suit your specific organisation.

Why use this template

This template provides a central listing of all key stakeholders which internal audit should meet during the planning process. Additionally, it allows the audit team to reference the relevant meeting minutes from each discussion and provide a consolidated list of the risks and concerns of each stakeholders.

When to use this template

This template should be used throughout the annual planning process to log and record all stakeholder discussions / meetings.

Things to be careful about

As with all our templates, this is a generic document and should be tailored to suit the needs and structure of your organisation.


As this is a central document it is likely that many people will be using the document. It is important that access is restricted so that only one person can edit the document at a time, and that audit team members are reminded that no offline copies of the document be saved. This will help ensure version control and that only one document is the source of truth.

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