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Internal Audit

A4.1 – Intro to Audit Kit

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About this template

For some business areas, Internal Audit may be a new concept. Having never been exposed to an audit beforehand, they may be confused about what needs to be done, the reasons for such strict timelines and how we generally perform an audit.


This template aims to help both the auditee and audit teams ensure there is a clear understanding of what is required from everyone at the very beginning of an internal audit.

Why use this template

This template sets the tone from the very beginning of the audit. It clearly states who the key stakeholders are, the audit timeframes, documents required, and next steps. By having clear communication with the audit area we can ensure ahigh quality audit is delivered on time.

When to use this template

This template should be used at the very beginning of the audit, even before planning has started. By communicating the timeframes as early as possible, we are able to work through any conflicts or issues before it becomes too late.

Things to be careful about

Where the team being audited has not been audited before, extra time should be taken to make sure they have understood the audit process and are comfortable with what needs to be done. Whilst it may make sense to us and be completely normal, it could be intimidating for someone new.

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