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​Time for timesheets

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Why your internal audit team should be completing weekly timesheets

Don't get me wrong. I hate timesheets as much as the next guy. It ruins your Friday, as you're ready you go home and then all of a sudden you get that pesky reminder email and next thing you know, your 15 minute early mark is all of a sudden taken away as you're stuck in the office recalling everything you did over the last week.

It's annoying, frustrating and also worrying (are you going to get caught for that 2 hour lunch break with your friends), but reality is, those timesheets are actually very important.

​​ For everyone who has worked in practice, timesheets had the connotation of being used as evidence against you come your year end performance review. It also showed formed a critical part in how much was billed to the client. Yet for in house internal audit, the same thoughts of timesheets don't need to exist, and here's why.

1. They help with annual plan