Intro to Audit Kit

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

How to introduce your audit to a first time auditee

Being audited for the first time can be scary; even more so if you don't actually know anything about an audit. This is why, audit teams need to ensure that auditee is well aware of not only what the audit will be looking at, but more generally, how we do an audit.

But even for those business areas who have been privy to an audit before, its appropriate that we take the time to explain what the audit is, who will be a part of the audit, and our ways of working.

This is where our Intro to Audit Kit comes in handy.

To be used before we even start planning, the purpose of this kit is to give the business area under review and insight into audit. This kit will show the following:

  • What is the audit

  • Who is part of the audit team

  • Who do we think will be key stakeholders from the business

  • What the audit process is

  • What our timelines are

  • What happens next

An overview of the template is provided below.

To view a free copy of this kit, please click here.

To purchase an editable version of this kit, please click here.

As demonstrated by the kit, it is clear, easy to read and informative. Because of this, any business area which is about to be audited will clearly understand who their audit team is, when the audit is being performed, and what work is going to be done.

Keeping the ball rolling

It's all well and good to start off with such an intro kit, however we have set the standard high. Going forward, it is good to leverage off this info kit and have weekly status updates. These updates will show progress in the audit, what tasks remain to be completed and what is happening next.

Above all, these templates will help encourage good conversation and build effective working relationships between both the Internal Audit team and business area under review.

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