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Audit and corporate governance review

Last chance to provide your input following the Kingman, CMA and Brydon audit reform reviews

Following a string of high profile corporate collapses within the UK over the past few years, there has been an increased focus on corporate governance and audit quality. This has been seen through three Government commissioned independent reviews in 2018: Sir John Kingman’s Independent Review of the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), the Competition and Market Authority (CMA)’s Statutory Audit Market Study and Sir Donald Brydon’s Independent Review of the Quality and Effectiveness of Audit.

The Government agrees with the recommendations from all three reviews, although depending on where you sit and what you have read, views can vary wildly. To help, we have included some handy links below so you can read the initial reports and form your own opinion.

The reports

To view the Government's overall page relating to audit reform, you can visit the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) here.