Internal Audit Job Descriptions.

Internal Audit Job and Role Description templates to help you hire the right team member

3 Jun 23

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Hiring the right person is critical to ensuring the success of your audit team, however hiring can also take a long time, and can become expensive.

To assist audit teams, we have created a series of template job descriptions, covering all roles from audit graduate, through to the Head of Audit / Internal Audit Director for both internal audit and IT audit.

Factors to consider before beginning the hiring process

Depending on your team size and structure, hiring can be a complicated process, which is why we have included the below points for audit teams and recruiters to consider at the start of the process:

  1. Do we understand our current activities, and lines of communication? Your audit manual should cover all the various process and activities which need to be covered by your audit function. Within the manual, it should also outline who does what, and who is responsible for reviewing. Before beginning the recruitment process, you may want to review your audit manual and ensure the activities and their associated roles and responsibilities listed within, are actually correct and up to date. Once done, you can now ask yourself, do I actually need to hire a new team member, and if so, at what level? You can learn more about our template audit manual here.
  2. What will the future of our team look like? Some audit teams encourage rotation amongst more junior team members, essentially meaning, once you have done your two years within audit, there may be an option for you to move into the business, or progress within audit. Considering our current team make up, is there an option to promote people, or move people into the business?
  3. Are there opportunities to automate audit processes? By reviewing current processes, improving our efficiencies, and even automating processes, this could again change current roles and responsibilities and potentially even reduce the need for a new hire.

Once the above factors have been considered, audit teams should consider if a recruiter is required to assist in the hiring process.

Our audit templates

To assist audit functions, we have prepared some template internal audit job descriptions. You can:

  • View the free PDF version here.
  • Buy the set of job description templates from our shop here.
  • Become a member and access the job description templates, and all other templates on our site, in the members area here.