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RLUK01 – Risk Library – UK – Hospitals, Health and NHS

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About this template

This library serves as a central hub, offering example risks, corresponding controls, and audit tests, aimed at enhancing risk oversight and assurance activities.

Each risk included in this library demonstrates potential risks, their implications, and industry-specific considerations. Coupled with a spectrum of manual and automated control measures, this library can provide organisations with practical tools to mitigate risks effectively. Furthermore, our example audit tests enable internal auditors to assess control effectiveness, identify vulnerabilities, and ensure compliance with established standards and regulations. With our library, organisations and audit teams can work towards fostering a culture of proactive risk management, whilst achieving efficiencies and completeness within audits.

Things to be careful about

This is a generic document, and a review should be performed to ensure it is appropriate to your organisation before placing any reliance on this library.

Laws and regulations regularly change. This template should not be relied upon and you should perform you own check to ensure this template is compliant with local laws and regulations applicable to your entity.

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