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Internal Audit

D6 – Final Report Email

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About this template

The distrubution of audit reports is important. Not only does is signify the completion of the audit, but it also ensure the report is communicated to all relevant parties and key stakeholders.

Why use this template

Maintaining a consistent approach to the distribution of audit reports helps to ensure that stakeholders are familiar with the reporting process and are well aware of when the report is complete and what happens from herein. This template offers on way in which final audit reports can be communicated.

When to use this template

This template should be used when distributing the final report.

Things to be careful about

Its important to make sure that the final report is distributed to the correct stakeholders and that the next steps is clearly defined. It is also important to ensure that feedback is received at the completion of the review. Whilst this template helps show one way a report can be communicated, it cannot ensure that all the correct stakeholders are included on the distribution list.


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