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CC2 – IT Key Controls – Matrix Only

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About this template

This template includes a list of 22 expected IT General Controls / key controls and associated risks. This matrix has been designed so that audit and compliance teams can review controls and ensure they are designed, implemented and operating effectively.


The template has been designed as a ‘SOX Lite’ risk and controls matrix and is ideal for any small to mid-sized organisation looking to embed better IT General Controls and governance within the business.

Things to be careful about

This template has been designed so that is can be easily applied to many audit and IT departments. It only includes generic controls which may or may not be entirely applicable to your business. As such, all controls should be reviewed and updated to ensure they suit your organisation. My Audit Spot is able to customise this template, or even offer a walkthrough on how to use the template for an hourly fee. Please contact us for further assistance and a quote.


Please be careful of the formula’s within the template. Editing these may impact on the effectiveness of the tool. Only enter text in fields highlighted in yellow.


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