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Template Workpaper - Key Processes and Controls


About this template

It is important the we have a good understanding of the key processes and controls in effect when undertaking a review. Depending on the size and maturity of your business, key processes and controls may (or may not) be currently documented and mapped.


This template offers a pro-forma method for documenting key controls and processes. The format is loosely aligned to SOX requirements, whilst providing sufficient information for the internal auditor. The design of the template means it can be easily redacted and provided to the business area so that they have a starting base for the documenting of their processes.


This template should be used alongside the Process and Control Maps developed by Internal Audit. By utilising this template, and the Process and Control Maps, Internal Audit is able to develop a solid profile of the business area, its processes and key controls. As Audit continues to progress through the organisation, a solid organisation controls map can be built and leveraged off for multiple other reviews.


Why use this template

This template is broken into two parts:

  • Design and Implementation – Noting the design of the processes, what controls are included, and how well it has been implemented; and
  • Test of Operating Effectiveness – To ensure the process and controls are operating as designed.


The template feeds into the Process and Control Maps which will be built by Internal Audit alongside this review, helping Internal Audit to have an organisational overview of all key processes.


When to use this template

This template should be used when undertaken process and compliance reviews during the fieldwork phase.


Things to be careful about

We should ensure that our approach to testing controls remains consistent and follow a common methodology. This will allow us to consistently and equally ensure the operating effectiveness of controls across the organisation.

C1 - Key Processes and Controls

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