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Special Offer to help you manage your audit function!

Save 38% with our special discount when buying the complete set of Audit Function Management templates

You can save up to 38% from now until 31 March 2023 by using the code NewAuditFunction when you purchase our complete set of Audit Function Management templates. The complete set is worth £160, and normally sells for £130. With this discount code, you will only pay £100 (excluding VAT), saving you £60 from the individual template price.

This complete set includes:

  • AP1 - Internal Audit Charter

  • AP2 - Internal Audit Strategy

  • AP3 - Audit Universe

  • AFM4 - Internal Audit Manual

  • AFM5 - Audit Universe

  • AFM6 - Action Tracker

  • AFM8 - Weekly Status Update

  • AFM9 - Internal Audit Newsletter

  • AFM10 - KPI Tracker

  • AFM11 - Timesheet and Reporting

  • AFM12 - Internal Audit Self Assessment

  • AFM13 - Annual Plan Dashboardand Resource Tool

  • AFM14 - Learning Plan

  • AFM15 - Audit Checklists

  • AFM16 - Code of Practice Self Assessment

  • AFM17 - Audit Committee Deck

  • AFM18 - Audit Objectives and Performance Management

This set of templates has been designed to help audit functions manage the day to day operations of the internal audit team, and their team members.

To purchase these templates, click here or on the product below and use the code NewAuditFunction.

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