New year means more new year resolutions

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Firstly, before I jump too far in, I would like to introduce myself. My name's Nathan. I was born in Australia and grew up in a small country town before making the move to Canberra for uni. Upon graduating, I gained an audit job at a big 4 firm where i stayed for 6 years before deciding to adventure abroad to London. I credit so much of my life to Canberra. It's where I developed both as a person and professionally and cannot rate the city highly enough.

Now to jump into my first blog post.

Unlike years before, I decided I might try and set a new years resolution. Typically, I wouldn't set any resolutions but rather, find a marathon or some other event to do, and aim towards that, purely to maintain some level of fitness and offset my drinking.

This year, I decided I would start a blog. I have a bad habit of thinking about something I would like to do and never actually following through with it. Therein, my resolution for this year is to pick a project, and stick at it... hence this blog.

It got me wondering if I have any lesser, more subtle resolutions that I typically like to aim for. This made me realise that each year, I generally try to do better at my job. Aim high and exceed. Without sounding arrogant, I always receive a great performance review and feedback from clients. I constantly feel like, whilst I've done a good job, it's not my best and I'm missing something. What that something is, I can't quite decide.

So to start off my new year, and new resolution, I would like to know two things:

  1. What are other people's new years resolution; and

  2. Do you ever have the feeling of lack of lack of self fulfilment and what do you do to overcome it - if you have.

I am sure we have all felt in a rut at some time, but it would be interesting to hear some other stories. Please, post your comments below.

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