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ICAEW - Cyber Security

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

This Tuesday, I was fortunate enough to attended to an ICAEW event (promoted by Australian and New Zealand Accountants in London) at Mazers. The event focused on Cyber Security with the key speaker being Neil Sinclair from the London Digital Security Centre. Neil detailed his bucket load of experience relating to Cyber Security, which provided for a very insightful evening.

The night was interesting (and scary), and focused on security awareness at home and at work. A couple of key takeaways from the evening (in my opinion) are:

Patching, firewalls and general website security

Not only does GDPR require businesses to have up to date patching and firewalls (amongst many other components), but its essential that these are in place to ensure hackers simply cannot take your data. The point was made that any patching updates (and even upgrades to your phone), should be done within the first 12 hours of the patch being released. After 12 hours, the hackers generally know what vulnerabilities exist, meaning we are more exposed.

Within the wokrplace, a general website scan can quickly show some