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Earth Day 2021

How My Audit Spot (and you!) contribute to the environment

At My Audit Spot, we believe everyone has a responsibility to care for and protect our environment. Although we are a purely online business, we still have an impact, and that's why we have taken steps to reduce our impact and become 'Climate Positive'.

Through Ecologi, each month we plant 12 trees which offsets our carbon footprint. In addition, each time someone purchases and annual membership, we plant an additional tree.

In support of Earth Day this Thursday 22 April, we have planted 250 extra trees in our forest.

In addition, we are promoting to work of Ecologi who have helped us build our forest and plant trees each month. For this week only, when you sign up to Ecologi, you will have an additional 100 trees planted in your forest.

We're extremely grateful for the service provided by Ecologi and the support given by our members. Through everyone's help and contribution, we have now planted over 130 trees in the 9 months since joining, and cannot wait to see our forest grow even more.

To view our virtual forest, or make a donation to our forest, please click here.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to building our forest even more.

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