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Celebrating 24 months of impact

The impact of what My Audit Spot and Ecologi have achieved in 2 years

For two years, My Audit Spot has made a monthly contribution to Ecologi. Ecologi is a subscription based services, whereby a monthly fee is paid by My Audit Spot. In return, Ecologi will use our funds to plant trees or support a range of carbon offset initiatives around the world.

In addition, My Audit Spot makes one off payments for every Membership which is purchased.

So what have My Audit Spot and Ecologi achieved in two years? Quite a bit! We have:

  • enjoyed 24 months of climate impact

  • helped with 25.11t of carbon reduction

  • planted 550 trees in our forest

  • supported projects in over 15 countries.

We encourage all members and users of My Audit Spot to also contribute to the work of Ecologi. You can do this my either making a personal donation, or a donation to the My Audit Spot forest. You can do that, and view the My Audit Spot forest here, where you can virtually see our impact.

As always, a huge thank you to all of our My Audit Spot members for their contribution to the environment and helping us to reduce our carbon footprint. Thank you!

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