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Can audit be fun and sexy?

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Each morning I walk down Oxford Street in London on my way to work. On the escalator out of the Oxford Circus Underground tube station, I pass flashing advertisements dotted along the wall. Once on the street, I am faced with buses covered in giant adverts. I walk past shop after shop, each with a glitzy marketing campaign splashed across their shop windows. Each morning I think of how fun and exciting the adverts make the store look (even if it is just a sunglasses shop). This got me thinking about the impression we, as auditors, must give our customers, and furthermore, what is our job actually like? Is audit fun and sexy like the adverts we see down Oxford Street?

It’s no lie that accountants are probably considered to be paper pushers and dull. I once had someone say that thought all accountants / auditors were like Dilbert (that was until they got to know us). The comment from this person rings true tho.

Accounting really isn’t a ‘fun’ or ‘sexy’ profession. On face value, it can seem quite dull and boring. Sure, we have those jobs we hate to do, those clients we dread dealing with, and the repetitive tasks that would make anyone question their own existence; but there are still fun times. The clients that you get to help through tough times, the exciting work trips, and just generally the people you get to meet. None of this however, changes the fact, that our day to day job can appear to be