Audit Planning - Audit Team Planning Template Workpaper

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Good planning is essential to delivering a quality audit that meets the expectations of the business area, management, and other dependant stakeholders. As such, it is important that all audits are preceded with a team planning meeting. This planning meeting should include some of the following topics:

  • Outcomes from our planning activities - what we know about the process, what the risks are, who is involved, etc. These items will help bring the audit team up to speed with the audit topic.

  • Proposed scope, objectives and approach - Based on everything we have learnt during planning, we should be able to prepare a proposed, objectives,and approach to audit testing.

  • Timeframes, budget and team - Through the planning activities, we should understand how much effort will be required by the audit team, who will make up the audit team, and anticipated costs. We should also have an understanding of key dates and availability of audit contacts.

Good planning will not only summarise the work performed during planning, but also ensure a good quality, detailed audit, is delivered within the required timeframes.

Our dashboard template / placemat, acts as a guide to help summarise audit planning activities and communicate the audit approach in a more visual and engaging approach then a standard planning meeting.

A preview of the template is included below:

This activity forms part of a suit of planning activities which should be performed to make sure we fully understand the audit topic. The outcomes from this audit activity will help feed into our Audit Team Planning discussions, and ultimately, our Terms of Reference / Audit Assignment Plan.

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