Risk Assessment Questionnaire.

Understanding risk and changes in the business

30 Jan 22

My Audit Spot

1 mins

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It is important to understand the current risk status across a business. There are a number of ways in which this can be achieved, however gaining a number of different perspectives ensures we are determining the most accurate risk status.

Performing an annual Risk Assessment Questionnaire provides a uniform way for the business to collect information from a variety of stakeholders across the business.

This risk assessment questionnaire has been designed to ask business stakeholders (such as Directors from business units) a series of questions to gauge if current known risks have changes (i.e increased or decreased in risk), or if there are any risks which need to be added or removed entirely. The questionnaire has been designed so that responses can be easily fed into the Risk Register template.

The questionnaire has also been designed so that even those who have limited knowledge of risk are able to complete the questionnaire yet still provide accurate information. 

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