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Been busy pumping out those audits and had no time to prepare for #AuditorProud Day 2019? No need to stress... we've got your back!

We have pulled together a range of ideas to help you celebrate the 5th #AuditorProud Day. We have also collected stories from auditors around the world, finding out what their past 5 years looked like, and what they think the next 5 years will hold. Finally, in case you want to read even more, we have pulled together a few extra resources for you. 

Everything you need to celebrate #AuditorProud 2019 is included below:


A quick list to help you get started.

To help you pull everything together, we have compiled a list / guide to help you throw the best #AuditorProud day.

Download your checklist here.


Everyone likes a reason to celebrate, but maybe not necessarily planning it. Never fear, we have included below some ideas on what you can do to make sure your party for #AuditorDay goes off without a hitch!

What's the theme?

Given this is the fifth year of #AuditorProud Day, the theme will be 5 Years Later. The day will be looking at the profession as it was five years ago, and where it could be in five years time. 

When is the celebration?

According to our friends at Discover Audit, he timing of our 2019 #AuditorProud day will take place from 12:00 am – 11:59 pm on Thursday, September 26, 2019 across all time zones.

How to participate?

Again, the stella team at Discover Audit have put together a few tips and tricks to help you particiapte in the day. ​​

  • Follow @discoveraudit on social media

  • Use #AuditorProud in your posts to help spread the word

  • Share a photo of you from 5 years ago and one of you today

  • Post a video of auditors sharing when they started being #AuditorProud (aka the year they started working as an auditor)

  • Share a post that describes your career in audit in 5 words

  • Record a video describing 5 things you’ve learned in the past 5 years

  • Share a blog describing what technology you think will dominate the audit space in 5 years

  • Take a photo of the 5 things you couldn’t live without as an auditor

  • Share a Linkedin post about what you would you tell yourself 5 years ago

  • Take a video and guess where you will be 5 years from now (addressing too how the profession will still be around and developing!)


As always, messages should be weaved in to clarify what an auditor actually does.

The team at the Institute of Internal Auditors also provided some great guidance for Internal Audit Awareness Month, held in May this year. We've included some of their suggestions below also:

  • Update your email signature. We have provided some suggestions in our Tools and Resources page.

  • Host a workplace party.

  • Conduct a 'Lunch and Learn'. 

  • ​Display some fun photos or pictures around the office. ​

  • Create an intranet or webpage to celebrate to occasion. 

  • Place an article in an employee newsletter or other internal publication. Alternatively, place an article or advert in a local newspaper or magazine. 

Need some tools and resources to help you?

We've pulled together a range of resources which can be accessed by clicking on the icon below. 

Tools and Resources.png


Other tips, ideas and insp0

We've searched the web and pulled together other resources and tools which might help your #AuditorProud day go off with a bang!



A quick list to get you started

To help you pull everything together, we have compiled a list / guide to help you throw the best #AuditorProud day.

Poster Icon.png


Let everyone know!

We have a poster for every occasion; Lunch and Learn, Afternoon Tea, Team Profile, etc.

Use one or use them all, but either way, make sure they know!

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The team who started it

From the Centre of Audit Quality (the people who started #AuditorProud), Discover Audit has an awesome collection of helpful tips and resources to help you celebrate. 



Institute of Internal Auditors

These guys have their own Internal Audit Awareness Month (celebrated in May), however a lot of their great ideas can still be used for #AuditorProud Day. 

Email Icon.png


Spruce up your emails

We've whipped together a few template designs for you to use at the bottom of your emails. 

Audit Committee Icon.png


Tell everyone who you are

Make sure everyone knows who you are! 

Use the template to show where you were 5 years ago, and what the next 5 years might look like. 



Chartered Accountants ANZ

The Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand have also pulled together some quick easy reading to kick start your day. 


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